Article 1

  1. a. Held every 2 years.
  2. b. Last full weekend in June, 4 days 3 nights, Thursday through Sunday.

Article 2

  1. a. Host decides where to be held.

Article 3

  1. a. Total cost of reunion to be dived by each family head, or overage to be given back to each family head, not given back to reunion for future expenses.
  2. b. Gratuity for lodge staff, is up to individual family head.
  3. c. Secretary will send notes on minutes/expenses to next cost.

Article 4

      Definition of head of household/ family head: of head of household/ family head::
  1. a. Head of household = 18yr of age or older, unless fulltime student lining at home (or dorms), or special circumstances.
  2. b. Significant other = living together and sharing of community property and or child.

Article 5

  1. a. Two meals: Breakfast and dinner, up to host if lunch or snacks provide for 3rd meal.
  2. b. Thursday: one evening meal
  3. c. Sunday: one breakfast meal.
  4. d. Up to host to have catered or KP.

Article 6

      Host responsibilities:
  1. a. Up to host to collect deposit in amount of $100-$200 dollars, nonrefundable unless special circumstances.
  2. b. Host will send out reunion information with invites.
  3. c. Up to host if have separate auction for kids.

Article 7

  1. a. If you choose to sleep in a RV, cost will be the same as if slip in a cabin.
  2. b. If you do not confirm and show up, sleeping arrangement may be on your own. The deposit will be put on you auction tab.
  3. c. $75.00 per gust.

Article 8

      Auction, raffle and games:
  1. a. Auction/raffle items to be handmade.
  2. b. 50% back to reunion from main games and tournament, including: Card, poker and golf chipping.
  3. c. Horseshoe tournament: 1 set rules throughout, all points count, no cancellations.
  4. d. Traveling Trophies: up to winner to engrave and return to next reunion.
  5. e. Trophies: for auction/raffle: creative, humorous, useful, unique, trophy, horseshoe and child horseshoe, boobie prize and chow poop.